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U-Pick Strawberries at Mitcham Farm (Oxford, GA) - near Atlanta and Athens

U-Pick Strawberries

Click here for current Farm Market hours. The Fun Zone and Corn Maze are now CLOSED.

PYO StrawberriesHave you ever bitten into a plump, juicy strawberry that's been warmed by the sun? There's nothing quite like a perfectly ripe strawberry that has just been picked from the field!

Visit Mitcham Farm in the spring to pick your own deliciously sweet, fresh berries! Picking your own berries is easy and fun, and it doesn't take long to fill a basket. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and low in calories!

Strawberry Hours & Pricing


Please check back for 2023 spring and summer hours and pricing.

U-PICK: Visit our farm in the spring and summer season for u-pick strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, and lavender!

MARKET ITEMS & CONCESSIONS: We have fresh donuts, hand-dipped and soft-serve ice cream, strawberry slushies, baked goods, jam, local honey, frog jam, preserves, salsas, some fresh produce (depending on availability) and other specialty items for sale at our Farm Market. Our strawberry slushies and donuts are a favorite with our customers!

OTHER THINGS TO DO: For the enjoyment of our guests we also have two family swings, a small playground, and a picnic area onsite. Visitors may also visit our farm animals! On weekends, we are now offering additional activities!

** Plus tax and availability of all items is dependent on supply

Strawberry Picking Tips

Strawberry Picking Tips

  • For longer lasting berries, pick only strawberries that are completely red, plump, and firm. (Berries will not ripen more once they have been picked.)
  • Twist your strawberries off the vine rather than pulling them OR gently pinch the stem of the berry at least 1/4-inch from the berry between your thumb and index finger. Leaving a stem on the berry will help prevent bruising and help yuor strawberries last longer.
  • Be gentle. Strawberries bruise easily.
  • For jams and baking, pick strawberries that are a little more ripe and slightly soft.
  • Don't forget to look under the leaves to find hidden berries.
  • To prevent bruising, don't overfill your containers or try to pack the strawberries down.
  • The best time to pick in the morning or early evening to avoid any damage that the sun might to do you berries.

Strawberry Picking Policies & Recommendations

  • Pets are not allowed due to health regulations
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Please wash your hands before picking
  • Please pick only what you intend to purchase
  • Please be careful not to step on strawberry plants or berries
  • Fields are on uneven ground so please dress appropriately
  • What to wear: outdoor clothing, comfortable closed toe shoes
  • What to bring: sun block, water, insect repellent

Strawberry Storage

  • Carefully place berries in a shallow container to reduce bruising from piling them to high in a container
  • For optimum freshness, store berries in a refrigerator at 35-38 degrees
  • Don not was berries or remove caps until you are ready to use them
  • Freeze berries that you cannot use right away

Freezing Strawberries

  • Wash, dry, cut the hulls off then place berries on a baking sheet (not touching), and freeze until solid
  • Transfer the frozen berries to a ziplock freezer bag, removing as much air as possible
  • Date the package and place in freezer
  • Store in the freezer for us to 10-12 months

Strawberry Conversion Chart

1 cup = approximately 4 oz of strawberries
1 cup whole strawberries = 0.5 cup pureed strawberries
1 cup sliced berries = 10 oz package of frozen berries
1 pint = 2.5 cups whole small strawberries
1 pint = 2.25 cups of sliced strawberries
1 pint = 1.67 cups of pureed strawberries
1 pint = 12-14 large strawberries
1 pint = 16-20 medium strawberries
1 quart = 1.25-1.5 pounds (4 servings)
1.5-2 quarts are needed for a 9" pie


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The Corn Maze & Fun Zone are CLOSED for the season.

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